Sachin Tendulkar's 100th Century - 29/03/20

On 15th of March while walking around town to find a subject for my Home Delhi project I saw an auto rickshaw  with an interesting graffiti on the back of an auto. I tried to capture that in my camera. Just when the shutter of the camera came down a car stopped right in  between  my camera and the auto rickshaw, so  Instead I got a picture of a back of an auto and reflection of  people crossing the street and a  traffic light.

Half an hour later I saw the same auto at Lodhi road. This time I managed to click the picture of the graffiti on the back of the auto rickshaw. Same day in the evening I showed this picture to two of my friends and told them - " Sachin will make his long over due century tomorrow" being an avid Sachin fan I saw spotting of the famous auto twice over as an omen.

Come the 16th of March when Pranab Mukherjee was presenting his lack lustre budget in the parliament, Sachin Tendulkar was scripting another story in Mirpur, Bangladesh which will make 1 billion Indians Proud. Sachin went on to complete his 100th ton after a long wait of a year, and his first ever against Bangladesh in one day cricket!

Since then I have been on a look out for this famous auto with the graffiti, to ask him what was the gift he gave to all his passengers that day? If any of the readers in Delhi find him, please ask him this question for me.

Watch this space for interesting pictures and stories behind the pictures.


P.S. for readers who cant read Hindi - the  graffiti  says - "Free gift to every passenger on the day Sachin scores his 100th ton".


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Posted on December 14, 2013 and filed under General.