Air Force Day Parade

Photo Essay. October 2013, Hindon Airforce Base

Air force day parade is an impressive display of the might of the India Air force

Its a great display of the Airforce's organisational ability and a way to interact with the civilians

 Airforce officers performing admirably are also honoured on the day

Hindon Airforce base displays the arsenal of Airforce on that day

Its a popular event covered widely by the media.

One of the starting act is an aerial jump by paratroopers carrying the Air force flag

Airforce day Parade is inspected by the Airforce Chief

Airforce Chief inspecting the guard of honour

Airforce Personnel doing tricks with their guns

Air assets from all over India take off from their respective locations to appear at the same time on verbal cues of the commentator!!

Airforce helicopter performing aerial acrobatics

Posted on December 10, 2013 .